How to Launch

Considering a launch in your congregation? Use the four simple steps below to fully participate in the NALC's 20/20 Vision:

Step 1.

Download Full Toolkit

Download print materials, videos, email templates, and worship service announcements for what will work best in your congregation.

Download Full Toolkit

Step 2.

Read “Getting Started” Guide

Use the Launch Guide to select which roll-out plan is the best for your congregation. One of our 20/20 Vision Ambassadors would be glad to help answer questions and help you plan the right pathway.

Contact Vision Ambassador

Step 3.

Set Launch Date

Whether doing a 5-week campaign in your services or simply talking with a few small groups, setting a date will help you begin the journey of participating in the NALC’s future.

Step 4.

Schedule a Call with the Bishop

Decided to launch? Share your story and let us celebrate with you as we encourage you throughout the journey.

Schedule a Call